How content creation can help you grow your Coaching business?

Tamoghna Dey
3 min readMar 19, 2022

Before we start with understanding how it can help, let’s understand why do we avoid it -

Reasons why Coaches avoid Content Creation -

  • I don’t know what to create
  • I don’t know how the algorithm works
  • It’s all just numbers
  • Where do I even start creating?
  • How to create? It’s too overwhelming
  • There’s already so much content out there, will anyone ever watch my content?

All of the above points can be merged into confusion and procrastination!

Let us look at creating content in a different way …
As coaches, we have one job which is to serve people, and creating content is like micro serving people and building trust!

Put something out there, serve and help people out

More the trust, more the number of sessions

Forget about Vanity metric consider the numbers as transformations.
What’s transformation?

When a person walks up to you suddenly and comes to your event or session and says — “I love your content and I love the way you do it ”.
A person whom you have never known or never saw them commenting, liking, sharing your content, that’s transformation.


Everyone is creating, right?
Everyone is speaking about the same topic
You are too
Then why should anyone follow you?

People will follow you because of you not because of how smart or intelligent you are because they love your aura.
Because they love the way how you do things, they love you not your intelligence!
Be you!

How to find ideas for making content?
Go out there in the world
Look around yourself
Be yourself
Share stories
And if needed take help from professionals
Your content is your content, it’s who you are!

It isn’t necessary to always share “information” share more about who you are and how you are!

Content is for Client creation as well as Client retention!

There are two ways to generate leads as a Coach :

1) Active: When you create a piece of content and people engage with it. By means of comments, likes, shares. Reach out to them, thank them for engaging with your content and start a conversation. When you start a conversation, people open up to you. There’s a very good chance that they might want to book a session with you soon!

2)Passive: When you create content and then people get great value out of it. It’s likely that they reach out to you themselves and might want to book a session with you. Because they trust you and they love your content!

We know that being a coach is hard. You need to create content, which is not only helpful but also engaging. This can feel like an impossible task, especially when you are busy helping people to be a better version of themselves.

We at Lone Creatives help coaches to build a strong personal brand with content creation. Feel free to write us at
We are always there to help you create better!



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