How to grow on Linkedin?

Tamoghna Dey
2 min readFeb 19, 2022
How to grow on Linkedin?

We all have an intention when we are on LinkedIn

Either we are looking for job opportunities or we are trying to find leads or we are trying to network with amazing people around us! But everything comes at its price right and hence we want to know -

How to grow on LinkedIn?

There are a few segments to it -

  1. Profile optimization
  2. Consistent creation
  3. Daily engagement
  4. Cold outreach

First things first — What’s profile optimization?

Your profile on LinkedIn must be optimized according to the keywords you want to be known for and should look professional. Which will help to draw people’s attention towards you!

Now when your profile is optimized — How to create the content consistently?

It’s easy, trust me. Here it goes -

  • Note down the niches you work into you want to be known for
  • Make a weekly schedule for your content
  • Prepare and edit the content on the weekends
  • Schedule them the same day!
  • Done!

So we are consistently creating new, but does the work ends here?

No, we need to engage with people who are relevant to our niche and our audience too.

Every day comment and share your thoughts on posts that you find relevant. So that people discover you too!

Then, we come to Outreach

So what’s outreach?

LinkedIn has this really cool feature in which you can send customized connection requests to people you would like to connect with. This can be really helpful if you are trying to get leads and find job opportunities. Make a list of people you would want to connect with and send them a customized connection request!

And keep in mind — “Your network is your net worth !”



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